Originating in eastern Turkey, Rye is a hardy crop that can thrive in poor soils and cold conditions. Modern Rye is widely grown in northern Europe, with countries like Russia, Poland and all of Scandinavia widely embracing this robust grain. The gluten in Rye flour is naturally low and Rye bread dough will become sticky when over-kneaded.  Loaves made with Rye flour typically have a fine to dense crumb structure.

We have been growing Rye at Doves Farm since the 1980s. We mill Organic Stoneground Wholemeal Rye, which is our most popular Rye flour and makes delicious close textured dark bread or scones, as well as Organic White Rye which has been sieved from its bran and is good for making cakes and breads.

Why not try our Rye and Caraway Sandwich Loaf or Rye and Black Olive Baguettes?


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