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Modern Wheat

Modern plant breeders produce many wheat types that are high yielding and are easy for the farmer to combine at harvest time. Modern wheat is an easy crop to harvest as it stands erect and the grain can be thrashed from the ear to provide a clean sample free from straw and weeds. In fact, it is sometimes called naked grain because it threshes easily.

Depending on the variety and growing location, modern wheat is planted in either winter or spring and will produce either hard wheat for bread making or soft wheat which is ideal for biscuits and cakes.

There are also some differences between flour, which depend upon how the grain is milled. Wholemeal flour consists of the entire grain, brown flour has some of the bran and germ removed, while white flour consists of the endosperm, removing the bran and germ in the milling process.

At Doves Farm we grow, source and mill the best wheat varieties for each type of flour to help you achieve the best results in your baking. Discover our organic flour range here.

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