KAMUT® Khorasan

KAMUT® Khorasan is grown on licensed certified organic farms in Montana in the United States and does not thrive in the British Isles. The KAMUT® project aims to guarantee and preserve the unique qualities of this ancient grain, which originated in an area called the Fertile Crescent, a region of land which spans from the present-day Jerusalem, through Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. It is esteemed for its nutrition, ease of digestibility and sweet, buttery taste.

Known as the grain of the Pharaohs, it is genetically related to Emmer and the bold, golden ears of this white wheat – which can grow up to three times larger than most modern wheat - yield large, plump grains that mill into an off-white coloured flour.

KAMUT® Khorasan flour has a unique and subtle taste that makes great bread and is also a popular flour for making pasta. We love to make our KAMUT® and Sun-dried Tomato Plait using Organic Stoneground KAMUT® Khorasan Wholemeal Flour.


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