Our first Emmer harvest was in 2013.  As the main cereal grain grown and consumed in the Bronze and Iron Age settlements, Emmer is the result of cross-pollinating Einkorn grain with a wild grass, which creates a larger, squarer seed head than previously known crops. Emmer hulls contain more substantial individual grains which can yield a larger quantity of food per plant.

Today Emmer has been rediscovered and is popular in many parts of Europe. With a deep earthy, mildly sweet flour flavour, this flour produces delicious loaves of bread, such as our Emmer and Walnut Cob and Savoury Emmer Couronne, or can also be used in place of your usual white or wholemeal plain flour, with raising agents added, for cake and biscuit baking.

Discover Organic Stoneground Emmer Wholemeal Flour.

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