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About Us

Doves Farm are organic flour specialists and a family owned enterprise with over 60 staff, drawing the majority of these and many raw materials from the local Wessex area. We are dedicated to upholding organic, ethical and Fairtrade agricultural systems, nurturing partnerships with suppliers and customers and supporting local community projects.

At Doves Farm Foods we put a lot of effort into producing products of a high standard for people who care about the quality and healthfulness of the food they eat and the world we live in. We are specialist flour millers and bakers, we mill a whole range of flours including; organic flour, gluten free flour, cake flours, pasta flour, gram, buckwheat, spelt flours, malthouse, rye and rice flours. In our bakery we’re producing biscuits, cookies, breakfast cereals, savory biscuits, quick yeast, flapjacks, and cereal bars. When you try our delicious organic and gluten free products you will understand why we say "the Dove's the difference." 

Who Are Doves Farm and What Do We Do

Based on the Wiltshire/Berkshire border, Doves Farm Foods was established in 1978 by Michael and Clare Marriage.

Being dedicated to the organic movement we have had Soil Association approval since we were founded. Flour milling and cereal processing make up the core of the company’s products which are produced for industrial users as well as the building blocks for the home baking range.

We produce a wide range of specialist and gourmet flours that are milled from a range of grains and seeds, with a variety of tastes and textures, Doves Farm flours have a unique character. The home baking flour range offers 21 different flours with some suitable for those on gluten free, wheat free, diabetic, or other special diets. In addition to our home baking range we can now supply our flours in bulk.

The majority of Doves Farm products are Organic, all are vegetarian, quite a few are vegan and several of the company's products are also suitable for those on gluten free, wheat free, or diabetic diets. We’ve also launched a range of Fair Trade products. Many years expertise with cereal based foods enabled us to add breakfast cereals, cookies, baking requisites, sweet and savory biscuits as well as cakes and bread to our range of products and all the products found under the Doves Farm label are based upon grains and cereals or complimentary to them. 

How we have grown - Doves Farm Timeline

Organic Flour being loaded at Doves Farm


Our BRC approved, modern mill houses eight sets of mill stones, a roller mill plant, pearling equipment and a separate mill dedicated to gluten free flour processing. More than 50 types of flour are produced and packed into 1kg and 1.5kg packs for the retail market and various types of sack for professional bakers and industrial flour users.


Dedicated to organic production and where possible using Fairtrade ingredients our bakery does not use hydrogenated fats or enzymes. Gluten and wheat free cookies are produced in a separate bakery using the traditional wire-cut method and baked on specially lined trays.

Cereal processing

We prepare and transform grains such as buckwheat, rice, maize, rye, rice, spelt, kamut into breakfast cereals, cakes, bread, pasta and a wealth of other foods. Grains are complex carbohydrates which form an important part of our diet so its no wonder that we all enjoy them in so many different ways.